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Have the piece of mind that your chimney is operating safely as well as structurally sound, inside and out. In most cases, general upkeep such as cleanings, caps, and waterproofing, are recommended. Simple and affordable maintenance such as these can safeguard your chimney and save you money down the road. (Read More)


Located in Groton, Connecticut and Servicing Southeastern Connecticut.

Heritage Chimney is a full service and masonry company specializing in protecting and maintaining all of your chimney’s needs to assure a safe and efficient home heating environment.

It’s been a cold winter this year; and increased use of fireplaces, woodstoves, and oil furnaces leads to the build-up of soot and creosote, encouraging the potential of a chimney fire. Maintain your chimney and protect your home!

From cleanings and inspections to repairs and rebuilds, Heritage Chimney offers more than 10 years of experience in Southeastern Connecticut, and is accustomed to working on all types of chimneys, regardless of age or size.


Chimney cleaning starting at $125.00!
Free local estimates!
10% discount for seniors!