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Stainless Steel Liners are the most affordable and safety conscience way of protecting you and your family against any damaged or compromised chimney chambers, especially when you’re dealing with furnaces that exhaust sulfuric fumes and carbon monoxide which break down the interiors of all chimneys chambers. These liners stop this deterioration and more importantly protect your family from potential carbon monoxide leaks by being a completely sealed unit from furnace to top of chimney. These liners are also very useful and highly recommended for woodstoves and woodstove inserts for fireplaces.


Have the piece of mind that your chimney is operating safely as well as structurally sound, inside and out. In most cases, general upkeep such as cleanings, caps, and waterproofing, are recommended. Simple and affordable maintenance such as these can safeguard your chimney and save you money down the road.

Fireplaces, woodstoves, and oil furnaces all burn differently, at different temperatures. It’s a good idea to have them all serviced or at least inspected to update you on their condition.

**IMPORTANT** Oil furnace chimneys and chambers are by far the most neglected area of most homes. The company that services your furnace does NOT clean the chimney the furnaces exhausts into. This leads to a major build up of soot, poor efficiency, carbon monoxide leaks, and interior damage. If you haven’t had your furnace flues cleaned or inspected, you should! It’s the best thing you can do for your homes safety and heating bill.