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Have the piece of mind that your chimney is operating safely as well as structurally sound, inside and out. In most cases, general upkeep such as cleanings, caps, and waterproofing, are recommended. Simple and affordable maintenance such as these can safeguard your chimney and save you money down the road. (Read More)


Inspections: Diagnostic of your chimney’s condition.

Cleanings/Sweeps: Clears chimney of soot and creosote.

Chimney Repairs & Rebuilds: Repairs listed below, for rebuild info (see masonry page).

Stainless Steel and Stone Caps: Keeps water out, protects chimney interior.

Rodent Screens: Keeps animals, birds, leaves from interior of chimney.

Waterproofing: Lets brick breath while repelling moisture.

Powerwashing: Removes growth from brick, stone and mortar.

Crown Repair: Layer of mortar atop chimney, protects interior of chimney.

Pointing: Fills eroded masonry between brick; strengthens structure.

Flashing Repair & Sealing/Lead Flashing Removal & Installation: Seals lead at base of chimney; prevents leaking.

Stainless Steel Liner Installation: Cylindrical sleeve inserted into chimney and connected to woodstoves and furnaces to compensate for damaged chimney chambers.

Damper Repair and Installation: Hatch that opens and closes inside fireplace.

Wood Stove and Pellet Stove Installation
Wood Stove Repair and Removal